Track Day Garage Space Rental


R’s Day Track Day Garage Space Rental

Garage rentals are available for all competitors, there are 19 total garages at WeatherTech Raceway available for rent.

Each garage allows for two cars so if you’d like to purchase the entire garage please purchase two spots. If you only wish to purchase garage parking space for yourself only purchase one spot. If the garage you are  looking to rent does not have two spots available it means someone has rented half of it already.

If you are planning to split the garage with other friends we HIGHLY recommend purchasing the entire garage and splitting the costs amongst yourselves. Otherwise if you are wanting to rent half a garage just for yourself, please feel free to do so.

The garages are being rented in a first come first serve basis, if you’d like to switch garage spaces with someone we recommend you do so first thing in the morning when you arrive to the race track so that we can have a smooth event without too much musical chairs amongst the garages.

Garage number 19 is closest to the bathroom (number 1 being furthest).

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WeatherTech Raceway Laguna Seca. 1021 Monterey Salinas Hwy. Salinas, CA 93908.


You should plan to show up at the track at least 90 minutes before the Driver’s meeting. This meeting is MANDATORY for all drivers. Check-in generally begins at 7:00am. Please come to registration first BEFORE unloading/prepping your car to be sure you do not potentially miss your first run session of the day!


They are highly recommended on the FRONT (and recommended on the REAR) of your car before going out on track. The important thing is that you have appropriate tow points figured out that we can hook on to in order to tow you off track. Please determine appropriate tow points – it is your responsibility and we will not be responsible for any damage done to your car. If you do not have a tow-point, we will be forced to figure one out on the fly.


This must be completed and signed digitally by the time you arrive at the track to check in, this must be signed by you or your mechanic.

Garage Space

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